Susan Moore High School in Blountsville, AL, is a Title 1 school, servicing a rural population of students, 65% of which receive free or reduced lunch.  Our library serves approximately 620 students.  We also serve our community because the closest public library is 20 miles away.  It is important for us to have research materials because driving that far to the public library is very difficult for some of our students.  The students have also asked about new, popular books that we are unable to purchase because of funding shortages.  Also, since we only have one or a couple of copies of our books, they quickly become worn and fall apart.  Our students WANT to read, and I would love to fill our library with resources that they will enjoy.  I collaborate with teachers on research assignments to increase our circulation, but we do not have enough non-fiction books to effectively help the students.  Any help we receive will definitely be appreciated!