Thank you so much to all the people who helped get a full wishlist of books on the way to this wonderful school.  If you’ve just arrived, please consider helping our other schools in need of books!  Let’s get more kids excited to read.  Also please follow us on Twitter or Facebook - we have lots more empty shelves to fill, coming soon.


Steelton Highspire Elementary is a Title 1 school, servicing an urban population of students where at least 75% of them are on free/ reduced lunch.  The school library serves grades pre-K-6th grade- approximately 800 students.  There is also no community library, so I’m basically their only source.  We have a high transient population and many books are lost during the year to students who move and take the books with them.  There are so many popular books that my students enjoy and don’t have enough copies to go around!