The very first wish list filled, 221 books, went to Southside Elementary.  Their library had no books for fourth graders.  None.  Listen to what’s happening now…

"Southside Elementary School was bombarded with boxes and boxes of fabulous books today. The poor UPS guy didn’t know what to think as he hauled them in on the dolly. Our students were very excited and could not contain themselves as I opened boxes and showed them each book. The ‘oohs and aahs’ were heard all around as excitement filled the air. One student wanted to know if it was my birthday. LOL! I then explained how wonderful people across the nation had so much faith in them they wanted to make sure they had plenty of great books to read! I read the notes that came from the gifters and with eyes wide, the students would repeat the state the sender was from in awe. They couldn’t believe this many people cared enough to bless them with so many books and they can’t wait until the books are logged, labeled and ready to read! Thank you to everyone who has made this happen for my students and our school."

Help us make more book magic happen!  See our current wish lists for more books still waiting to head to a school in need.