Thank you so much to all the people who helped get a full wishlist of books on the way to this wonderful school.  If you’ve just arrived, please consider helping our other schools in need of books!  Let’s get more kids excited to read.  Also please follow us on Twitter or Facebook - we have lots more empty shelves to fill, coming soon.


Our school, Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School, is the largest middle school in Miami Dade County we have over 2000 students (yea, it’s like a high school).  We opened in west Miami-Dade County in August of 2007 with only 1300 students and have grown by leaps and bounds.  We are a Title One school which means that 80% of our students are on free or reduced lunch.  Our campus has 3 buildings, the Media Center is in Building 1, which is not the building with all the classrooms.  Therefore, we are constantly promoting the Media Center by changing book displays, going on the morning announcements, giving away prizes for participation in the Accelerated Reading Program, and collaborating with teachers to increase our circulation and instill the love of reading in middle school students (which is really difficult).