Why is this the final set of libraries for Fill The Shelves?

We began as a small project looking to get some books into school libraries.  We designed Fill The Shelves to work without too much effort from the busy writers who started it.  We link you to library wish lists, you buy the books :).

Simple.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on a large scale.  There are IRS regulations and Amazon affiliate program rules that we need to comply with, and we’ve outgrown the ability to be a simple program.  We had to sit down and ask ourselves some hard questions, but at the end of the day, we don’t have the bandwidth necessary to turn Fill The Shelves into a full-fledged non-profit.  

We decided instead to make one final push, and thank all of you for putting $20,000 worth of new, desired, readable books on library shelves.  We did good work together!  Thank you very much to everyone who helped turn our small project into a big success.

What is Fill The Shelves?

We’re a small organization attempting to help with a really big problem.  There are hundreds of school libraries in this country with nearly bare shelves.  Kids with an endless supply of imagination - and nothing to read.  We want to help with that.

How does it work?

We connect readers who want to help with libraries who need books - and we make it easy!

School librarians create Wish Lists on Amazon.com.  We post the links to their lists here. Readers simply choose the school on our site they want to support, then click on the Wish List icon to go straight to that school’s list on Amazon.  Pick the books you’d like to buy, and Amazon will ship them directly to the school. For most orders over $25, Amazon even pays for shipping!

Who are we?

Fill The Shelves is the brainchild of a small group of writers - but we were all readers first.  Kids who tucked into corners and forts and crannies at our school libraries, harassed the librarians for something new to read, fed our imaginations with the worlds we found in the pages.

Not one of us can imagine growing up without books.  

Do you make any money from this?

Nope.  Not one.

I’m a reader - how can I help?

Go browse the school library Wish Lists and buy a book for a library :).  Or buy several - $25 worth of books to one school will ship free.

(Keeping the lights on and the website up is a labor of love.  If you want to thank us, go buy a book!)

I’m a librarian - how do I sign up my school?

TEMPORARILY CLOSED TO NEW SUBMISSIONS.  We have enough libraries in our queue for the next several months.  Watch here to know when we’re open for new libraries again :).

Our mission is to help public K-12 school libraries that have severe shortfalls in their core fiction collections and whose budgets have been stretched too thin to allow for a wealth of engaging, age-appropriate, librarian-curated reading materials.

But, hey, we’re readers and dreamers, so our ultimate goal is to help all of these libraries fill their shelves and then, someday, move on to helping other committed librarians supplement their collections (we know you need help too!). But, we’re not there. Yet.

For now, we are focusing first on schools that are eligible to receive Title I funds (whether or not they are actually receiving them at the moment); these are schools where at least 40% of the students qualify for a free or reduced lunch, schools with a high population of immigrant students, students for whom English is a second language, homeless or transient students, and students who have other challenges.

Of course, if your school doesn’t qualify for Title I but has a particular need, PLEASE contact us and tell us about your situation.  

If this sounds like your library, email us at contactfilltheshelves@gmail.com, and we’ll help you get started.  If your school doesn’t have a librarian, we’re happy to be creative in working with someone committed to getting books into the hands of kids.